Hydro Gear - They ripped me off

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I went to the garden depot in flint and bought a large parabolic reflector and they gave me the wrong cord and socket assembly.I tried returning the socket assembly for the right one and they wouldn't take it back without a reciept.

They wouldn't even exchange it. I even took the item the had on the shelf to show them the numbers on mine were from their store. I argued with them for 20 minutes then left.

I think we spend too much money at these stores for them to be ripping us off.Please don't go to The Garden Depot in flint michigan.

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Cub cadet zforce 50, hydro gear

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My 2004 cub cadet zforce 50 is now gone through 2 left hand hydro gear transmissions.At $700 repl and only 445hrs on the mower there is obviously a problem.

So far all contacts have went unreturned. I have exhausted all possible problems outside the pump and even changed the oil in the pump. There is no physical damage to the motor that I can see.

I am afraid I have a strong running, good cutting mower that is destined for the scrap yard because of 1 obviously crappy transmission.Has anyone else had any luck with mtd or hydro gear.

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Hydro Gear - The person that helped me was very nice and he knew the part

Hydro Gear
Very good man i spoke with . Thanks , Horace Givens

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